CDH – CS:GO Cheat

Due to much request of our cheat recently, we added this application form.

Comment your app. below, nobody will see it, and we will answer you back by private message.


  • skeet resolver
  • ns
  • legit and rage ctgr
  • knife changer (no other weapons tho)
  • fake-lag fix
  • preaim¬†
  • silent aim (server, client, off)
  • player-based antiaim
  • free 3d editor for your custom antiaim
  • chatspam “CyDiHack – Rekking ’em all since 2016”; “CDH – Not even Noah could carry all these animals without CyDiHack”; “Your aim sucks? Yea, I noticed. Get CDH!”; “Why I can hear you crouching? I got inhuman skills… they are called CDH”
  • and many more

(Info: please give us some information about you: Age, HVH Experience, Cheats you used before, MPGH and ELITEPVPers links, Steam Profile, and Email Address. Tell us, why we should approve YOU to the CDH Cheat)


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