So, for those HVH freaks trying to kill anyone with just a single click, this might be your solution. Zeus…

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Hello User

You seem to need info about out deadly server? Sure, here you are:

The website we made is just for fun, it’s a scare-prank website. Actually, we do upload usefull tools everyday such as Wireshark and HTrace, but to access them you need to register HERE and request an Account for the S3rv3r 0f D34th.

The video we uploaded freezes Apple products running IOS but DOES NOT damage or harm them in any way. By restarting your phone using hardreset everything is fine.

(Links about the hardreset on the website below the video)


Have Fun


(notice: Th3 S3rv3r 0f D34th is just a fun page, THIS isn’t. On this page we do handle real hacking.)


(testing connection – just usefull tool if admin sent u the link – no public service)   YOU CAN NOW…

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The tools lib

We’re setting up a new page called The Server Of Death, we’ll link it here soon.   Have fun!…

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Ha! Noob!

This user ( tried to hack into CyDiHack 93 Times… and failed everytime. DDOS PLEASE…

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